How to Find a Girlfriend Online

How to Find a Girlfriend Online In years past, finding a girlfriend online had a bit of a stigma attached to it. It’s now an accepted part of society with over a third of relationships starting online. People meet on dating sites, hobby or interest forums or social media. view full post »

Why Dating as a Teacher is Rough

Being a teacher in the dating scene can be very challenging. There are certain difficulties that must be faced whenever you go out with someone new. These challenges include the fact that all eyes are on you wherever you go. Your life is an open book that everyone seems to want to peruse. view full […]

What Are the Best Dating Sites for Introverts?

Online dating was originally built with introverts in mind, but it has become more intimidating as it became mainstream. You shouldn’t let that get to you though. Over 25% of people are classified as introverts, so there are plenty of potential matches out there waiting for you to send a nice message! You just need […]