Avoid Conservatives with a Liberal Dating Site

There are plenty of great dating sites for liberals!
Are you looking for a liberal dating site?

Finding a compatible partner is very important. If you are a bleeding heart liberal, you may be sick of having awkward first dates with die-hard conservatives and libertarians. You can avoid these unpleasant encounters by connecting with likeminded singles through a liberal dating site.

Here are some great liberal dating sites that you can use to avoid those pesky Trump supporters and Ron Paul nuts.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles doesn’t have a political focus, but it tends to attract many liberal singles, since it caters to more educated people. Over 80% of the users on the site have at least a bachelor’s degree, so you will probably find a lot of people that share your political views.

The CEO of Elite Singles is actually a very liberal man living in Berlin. While he doesn’t discriminate against anyone, he seems to have built a site that resonates with likeminded singles.

If you are looking to meet open-minded, educated liberal singles, you can sign up for a free account with Elite Singles through this link.

Liberal Hearts

Liberal Hearts brands itself as a “liberal matchmaking service.” The founder of the site was recently interviewed on ABC and had this to say about his service:

“”it’s a Trump-Free Zone where liberal singles can unite & multiply! Opposites may attract, but LiberalHearts live happily ever after…”

That seems pretty straightforward to me. You won’t have any unpleasant meetings with Trump supporters on this site!

First Met

First Met is a great site for connecting with likeminded people on Facebook. It allows you to search for users based on their Facebook interest. You can find people that follow democrat pages you like, such as Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Occupy Democrats or Alternet.

Democrat Singles

Sorry Green Party voters, but Democrat Singles has a more specialized focus. This site is for registered members of the Democratic Party. Their homepage states that their goal is to help fellow democrats find their “politically correct match.” It’s as simple as that.

Democrat People Meet

This is another liberal dating site with a simple focus. You can signup to meet democrat singles in your area. It’s free to register and start browsing profiles.

Never Have Another Unpleasant Date With a Republican Again!

If you are sick of the frustrations that come with dating people with polarizing views, then it can feel like you are dodging landmines in 2017. Support for Trump is higher than anyone expected and bigotry is unfortunately on the rise. However, living alone doesn’t have to be the answer!

The good news is that there are still some great refuges for open-minded liberals that want to stay sane and find love. You may want to check out a reliable liberal dating site to find someone that shares your political views.


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