How to Find a Girlfriend Online

How to Find a Girlfriend Online In years past, finding a girlfriend online had a bit of a stigma attached to it. It’s now an accepted part of society with over a third of relationships starting online. People meet on dating sites, hobby or interest forums or social media. Honesty in Your Dating Profile Before […]

Why Dating as a Teacher is Rough

Being a teacher in the dating scene can be very challenging. There are certain difficulties that must be faced whenever you go out with someone new. These challenges include the fact that all eyes are on you wherever you go. Your life is an open book that everyone seems to want to peruse. This is […]

What Are the Best Dating Sites for Introverts?

Online dating was originally built with introverts in mind, but it has become more intimidating as it became mainstream. You shouldn’t let that get to you though. Over 25% of people are classified as introverts, so there are plenty of potential matches out there waiting for you to send a nice message! You just need […]

Have You Tried These Teacher Dating Sites?

Many teachers are passionate about their job, but frustrated with their love lives. They have to be wary about dating their colleagues and careful not to date parents of their kids. In many communities, they also have to avoid the bar scene to protect their professional image. Fortunately, many teachers find have found love through […]

Find Creative Minds on a Dating Site for Artists

I dated a mural artist a couple of years ago. We both realized that artists had their own perception on life and needed to find like-minded people. This can be difficult, since many adults lack the free spirited attitude and unique mindset that artists share. Fortunately, there are some great sites that single artists can use […]

Avoid Conservatives with a Liberal Dating Site

Finding a compatible partner is very important. If you are a bleeding heart liberal, you may be sick of having awkward first dates with die-hard conservatives and libertarians. You can avoid these unpleasant encounters by connecting with likeminded singles through a liberal dating site. Here are some great liberal dating sites that you can use […]

Best Free Dating Sites in Texas for 40+

Texas is one of the most beautiful states in America. It’s also one of the most rural, which makes it hard to meet people. If you are over 40 and single, finding a partner won’t be as easy as it is for someone in NYC or even New England. Fortunately, there are lots of great […]

Sites for Women Looking for Older Men

Are you tired of dating men your own age? Do you find that they lack the maturity and financial stability you are looking for in a partner? You aren’t alone. Recent polls from the Huffington Post, Pew Research and other outlets have shown that the average woman prefers dating men 6-12 years older. Many prefer […]

Get Off Tinder & Use these Sites to Meet Older Women!

The days where men are told to date in their age group are slowly becoming a thing of the past as the occurrence of men dating older women has slowly been on the rise over the last few years. Recent studies from YourTango and Elite Singles found that women over the age of 30 prefer […]

Did You Make These 3 Dating Profile Mistakes?

After you join an online dating site, you need to set up your profile. Setting up your profile may seem easy, but it takes a bit of effort if you want to have any luck. There are a lot of common mistakes people make when setting up online dating profiles. These mistakes can completely derail […]